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Since the beginning of social media developments Kristian has presented Keynotes discussing technology in relation to people and society. Keynotes are current, always adapted to specific themes or needs and always up to date with new developments. His creative background oblige him to develop his talks taking very good care of the presentation.


There are a tree topics Kristian has developed to enrich your business conference or workshop. Customised keynotes are always possible, even in a short time. Of course these talks are renewed every time the future landscape comes up with something interesting.


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How does technology affect our work? How do employees evolve? Which kind of organisations have adapted best to the digital transformation?
A lecture on why and how new sort of collaboration have arisen in the digital age. Deepdives in organizational structures such as Holacracy are discussed. At the end of the keynote questions and answers are very appreciated.

45 minutes


You are as good as the last product you made.

Why has products become so important nowadays? How does brand value reach the customer?
This lecture shows the changes we have been through in communication and gives insights on how to add value to your brand in a new digital economic environment.
Suited as well for manufacturing companies as for service suppliers.

45 minutes


The client is loosing you.

From a centrally regulated communication strategy to a decentralized fragmented media landscape. How should we tailor our communication channels to a mutating mix of possibilities? And how do we ensure a customer centric approach?
A lecture with examples, suggestions and mindset shifts that can help in the game of hidden digital persuasions.

45 minutes

"Kristian gave a fantastic presentation at our ANVR congress in Sevilla: simple, inspiring and fun. Now we can judge blockchain in a much better way!"

Frank Oostdam – Director ANVR

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Kristian Esser was born in Africa, raised in Italy and is now based in Amsterdam. He studied at the European Institute of Design in Milano as well as HKU and has been driven by creativity throughout his life, devoting his talents to understand and illustrate the opportunities new technologies bring. He describes himself as a ‘tour guide to the future’ and leads innovation projects working for both small companies as well as multinationals.

With a background in communication and connected to the internet since its very beginning, Kristian has developed a natural understanding of communities and uses this as a foundation for his project work. He is often asked to give his opinion by media companies such as BNR in Holland and Radio24 in Italy. He also shares his thoughts regularly on several blogs, including his own and the Mr.Harder Youtube channel.



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